The connection and setting method of telecommunication light cat and wireless router

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They are only responsible for the debugging of the light cats, and they are not responsible for the connection and setting of the Fiber Optic Huawei Ma5680t Olt Gpon that the users configure themselves. Normally, they are equipped with ZTE production model ZXHNF460 light cat with a wireless router, but can only be used to dial laptop wireless Internet, mobile phone can not be used for wireless internet access; at the same time, Telecom has internal regulations, installation personnel to the user set the wireless router with does not allow, or you'll be fined for installation personnel. Telecom's optical cat doesn't allow users to use the wireless internet access function, nor does it allow installation staff to set up wireless router for users. It's very unkind, too pit father. For users who first use light cats and wireless routers, the connection and setting of a wireless router to a light cat is a more troublesome thing. In order to relieve you trouble, the wireless router and light cat connection and setting method are described below:

1, one end of the net with a crystal head at both ends is inserted at any network port of the cat, and the other end is inserted in the WAN port of the wireless router.

2, one end of the net with a crystal head at both ends is inserted in the Original HUAWEI MA5683T MA5608T 16port EPON OLTService Board With 16 Modules port of the wireless router, and the other end is inserted in the network port of the computer.

3, the computer desktop, double-click the network neighborhood view network connections, right-click local connection, double-click the Internet attribute to protocol (TCP/IP), click use the following IP address: IP, input address subnet mask default gateway preferred DNS server to determine to determine;

4, the computer desktop, double-click the IE browser address bar enter into the wireless router landing page, enter the password abmin, click OK, enter the Internet access point settings page, select ADSL dial-up internet account password input, the Internet (account number and password provided by the electric signal) and password (initial 123456787), click OK "Congratulations, you can access the" prompt box;

5, double click on the computer desktop IE browser, access to the web site navigation page, click any website, you can enter the site.

6, click on the mobile phone settings, open the HUAWEI SmartAX MA5800 Series OLT MA5800 X2 10G EPON OLT, wireless Internet will be displayed in the status bar icon, you can through the Internet WiFi; at the same time, apple mobile phone closed cellular mobile network, through the WiFi online watching video, pictures, QQ, micro channel and a hanging point does not flow.

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